My top 3 favorite Revlon lipsticks..

Recently i was going through my lipwear collection and i discover that i have lot of Revlon lipsticks . So today i decided to pick my top three favorites among my Revlon lipstick collection.

These are the Revlon lipcolors that i find myself using more often. The first and the third one has more orange tone . The third one is lipbutter so its texture is more balm like. If you do not like lipsticks then i will suggest you to try Revlon lipbutter. It does not feel thick on your lips but still gives pop of color to your lips.




DIY: Rose water toner

From now every time someone brings you roses, be happy as you can turn it to rose water toner before it wither away. I am so thankful to my friend Sabi for sharing her recipe to make rose water toner at home. I was looking for good toner for my skin, the one i have contains salicylic acid and makes my skin very dry. I was thinking of buying Thayers rose water witch hazel after reading lot of reviews, but luckily i do not have to as i can make rose water on my own at home. How exciting is that!So, lets get started:

what we need?

Rose petals(one small cup)

rose petals

water(two cups)

almond oil (1 tablespoon)


spray bottle/any small bottle with cap

First boil water and add rose petals. Let it boil on medium heat for a minute. Then add one tablespoon of almond oil to it. Almond oil  nourishes and moisturize our skin. Mix it well. Turn off the heat and cover it till it cools down.  You will see that most of the  colors from the petals is transferred to the water. Use strainer to separate liquid from petals.Our rose toner is ready , transfer it to your spray bottle and store it in your refrigerator.

Use cotton to pat rose water toner over your skin everyday after cleansing and before moisturizing.

Stay beautiful!!

Top Black Friday Beauty Deals 2013

Black Friday is almost here and i am so so excited about deals in stores and online. This black Friday i am intending to expand my makeup collection , “why not ?” after all  i am getting all the good deals in makeup goodies. My top target stores for the best deals in this black Friday are listed here. And some of the sales have already started.

Em’s Black Friday sale event will start at 12:01 am EST on 11/28!


More you buy more will you save. The sale goes like this:For every $100 purchase, you get $50 off in your cart.
If a person spends $200, they would get $100 off in total.
If a person spends $300, they would receive $150 off.

 If a person spend $30, they get $10 off. 
For spending  $50, a person get $20 off and finally when a person spend $44, they get $10 off. With this golden offer, i am definitely going to stack some em lipsticks that i have been eyeing for so long.

COASTALSCENTS:50% off entire store


WOW!  what a deal . I have shopped before in and i loved their brush collection. However, this time i want to buy some eyeshadow palette ,oil and african black soap.

E.L.F cosmetics

I know that ELF run their sale throughout the year. And i think i have waited long enough for the sales to be greater. I should stop being so stingy. It is time for me to bring those baked blushes home:D.

elfelf 1



I am debating whether i should go to the store or buy the sales item online, either way i am scared of finding those out of stock. Saying so , did you really check what’s going to be in the sale in Sephora this year? Check this out.


Check more sephora deals here :


Last but not least my favorite ULTA stores. They are also having selected items on sale this black friday sales, so better get your hand on it before it is all gone. Shop smart.

ulta ulta1 ulta2 ulta3

IPSY Glambag Review November 2013

Well I feel bad about missing my review on October Glambag , truth to be told I found it very disappointing and there was nothing exciting to  talk about.

Here I am though for November Ipsy Glambag Review, so lets get started with:

This month I got six items on my fun golden glam bag.I loved the bag and I have a feeling that I could make use of it as a party wristlet too.


Lash Gallery Mascara by em Michelle Phan

I really wanted to try em products and I am really happy that Ipsy gave me that chance. Most exciting part, its a full size mascara. Yayy, right?

I would say the mascara was okay, it doesn’t clump and it looks clean on my eyelashes. However, I could not build up any volume on my eyelashes.  I find it little disappointing for the price it is marked. I think I’m going to stick with my Covergirl mascara for a while.

Be a Bombshell Lip Crayon

I love lip products “without shimmer “. So when I saw shimmer on it, I was little disappointed . Then I applied the lip crayon and it was very smooth. It doesn’t feel heavy or chemicals-like on my lips . On top of that, color is intense. Suddenly, shimmer on it did not matter to me at all. I love the color “shameless” it is darker than red but perfect for fall and winter. I cannot tell you how much I have used it ever since.


I am not crazy about nail polish and I thought I made Ipsy clear about it. Anyhoo, I got nail polish again on my glambag. I tried to look into brighter side and said to my self. “Look! It looks like gold nail polish, perfect for holiday season. You will use it.”

Mmm…sadly, it isn’t gold. It is champagne color. I did try it and I am not too crazy about the shiny nude color, it hasn’t chipped off yet. So, I think that it impressive, I will give a try to other Nailtini colors.

Pixi Beauty Bronzer:

I am not really a bronzer person. The bronzer I got was really fair and it would not show up in my face. So I guess it won’t help me much for contouring. May be I can use it as a highlighter. Well, I won’t stop experimenting and I will let you know if I come up with something.

Gemeye Pencil by Starlooks ;

Yet another Starlooks product on my Ipsy Bag! I did like Starlooks lipliner that I got before in my Ipsy bag. The gemeye pencil that I got was in Topaz which is more like silver color and guess what! I love silver eyeliner, they are great for waterline and also to highlight inner corner of my eyes. Good thing about this pencil is, it is smooth and thus easily glides on. You do not have to rub harshly on your eyes to get the color. I really think it is a great product and highly pigmented, I cannot wait to try it into different holiday eye looks.

Galaxy Chic Baked Eyeshadow by BH Cosmetics:

final     final2

I was saving the best for last. This was my favorite item from the IPSY bag. I love the shade Neptune that I got. It is shiny metallic blue. I put it little in my lower eyelid and blended it. It gave a pop of color to my brown eyes. I was thinking of buying colorful eyeliner but I think galaxy chic palette would be great alternative. The color in galaxy palette looks so bold and intense plus the price is really reasonable. I am definitely buying me the whole palette. Here I come BH cosmetics…great job there :)!!


I’m wearing “Be a Bombshell” lip crayon in “shameless” ,  “neptune” eyeshadow from galaxy palette by BH cosmetics on my lower eyelid , “gemeye” pencil by starlooks (Topaz) in upper eyelid and lash gallery mascara by em . I tried wearing pixi bronzer but like i said it didn’t show much on my face.I also painted my nails with nailtini “champagne” nail polish.

Ipsy glam bag september 2013 review


So here i am all excited about my Ipsy glam bag of september 2013. The five items i got in my bag are as in the picture above. I tried all the product as soon as i got them thus here i am to share my first impression.

(Big apple )
I was quite glad when i got this in my ipsy glam bag as i did not own any red lip color prior to it but was desperately needing one. I loved its color and the texture. However i do not understand why it is called tinted balm as it was not as silky and moisturizing as we expect a lip balm to be. It has matte finish to it unlike lip balm and surprisingly ,the feature that i l really like about it.

I am so in love with thia product. Honestly,i have never heard of this brand until i got it in my glam bag. The metallic silver packaging is very catchy so i tried it as soon as i got it and ever since i am crazy about it. It is the most precise liquid eyeliner that i have come across till now. The tip is very thin and the color is true black plus it was smooth and easy to apply. I will definitely buy more of it.

NYX Eye shadow in purple
I would have never bought purple color eyeshadow on my own but since i got it now i open myself up to give it a try. I tried to work it on smoky purple eye look and i found myself layering more as the color keeps falling on me. It is little bit chalky so i would definitely recommend using good primer with it. I also think it will hold better if used as wet eyeshadow.
Overall, i would say it is okay product .

ELIZABETH MOTH :It’s so big Volumizing mascara.

I have nothing much to say about this mascara. I like mascara that make my eyelashes look fuller and i found this product to do just opposite. Whoever came up with the name for this mascara ,for sure did not try it all.

J.CAT Beauty Fantabulous lipstick

Nude lipstick is not my thing at all. It just make me look pale and dead. Still i gave it a try. I love the texture of this lipstick. It is smooth and moisturizing . I am definitely looking forward to try other colors in this lipstick line.

In this pic, I am wearing CAILYN tinted lip balm in Big apple and purple eyeshadow from NYX .