Ipsy glam bag september 2013 review


So here i am all excited about my Ipsy glam bag of september 2013. The five items i got in my bag are as in the picture above. I tried all the product as soon as i got them thus here i am to share my first impression.

(Big apple )
I was quite glad when i got this in my ipsy glam bag as i did not own any red lip color prior to it but was desperately needing one. I loved its color and the texture. However i do not understand why it is called tinted balm as it was not as silky and moisturizing as we expect a lip balm to be. It has matte finish to it unlike lip balm and surprisingly ,the feature that i l really like about it.

I am so in love with thia product. Honestly,i have never heard of this brand until i got it in my glam bag. The metallic silver packaging is very catchy so i tried it as soon as i got it and ever since i am crazy about it. It is the most precise liquid eyeliner that i have come across till now. The tip is very thin and the color is true black plus it was smooth and easy to apply. I will definitely buy more of it.

NYX Eye shadow in purple
I would have never bought purple color eyeshadow on my own but since i got it now i open myself up to give it a try. I tried to work it on smoky purple eye look and i found myself layering more as the color keeps falling on me. It is little bit chalky so i would definitely recommend using good primer with it. I also think it will hold better if used as wet eyeshadow.
Overall, i would say it is okay product .

ELIZABETH MOTH :It’s so big Volumizing mascara.

I have nothing much to say about this mascara. I like mascara that make my eyelashes look fuller and i found this product to do just opposite. Whoever came up with the name for this mascara ,for sure did not try it all.

J.CAT Beauty Fantabulous lipstick

Nude lipstick is not my thing at all. It just make me look pale and dead. Still i gave it a try. I love the texture of this lipstick. It is smooth and moisturizing . I am definitely looking forward to try other colors in this lipstick line.

In this pic, I am wearing CAILYN tinted lip balm in Big apple and purple eyeshadow from NYX .


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